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May 23, 2007


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1. Yes. Everyone follows their intuition to some extent. It resides in phystical locations of the brain, meaning everyone has it. And I highly doubt anyone can ignore it all the time.

2. My gut is mostly binary. Either something seems like a good idea upon examination, or it doesn't. Gut scrutiny? This scrutiny is a kind of subconscious composition of my knowledge and experience.

3. It usually says yes, no, like or don't like... and if I look closer I can easily find the warning flags and things I don't like, and if something tickles me, well, I obviously like it for a reason, right?

4. The only reason I ever have to ignore it is when I'm learning something new that might expose older knowledge or experience as false. It's a kind of, "Wait a minute, lets see where this new information leads before we start judging things." It's good to turn off the knee-jerk reactions when you're learning something new.


Eric — It's always so interesting to read other people's experiences with their intuition.

RE: Your 4. The reason-intuition balance is definitely a give and take.

"It's good to turn off the knee-jerk reactions when you're learning something new." Good point!

Crafty Green poet

This is an interesting post! My answers are:

1. Yes.
2. Difficult to define really, but there's either a niggling feeling about something or something totally random that comes from seemingly nowhere.
3.eg Once writing a short story (which I don't do very often!) a character took on a life of her own and took the storyline somewhere unexpected.
4. I try never to ignore my intuition though it can be bargained with as you say or as Eric said it can helpfully be ignored when learning something new!


Crafty Green Poet — RE: Your 2. Absolutely! I love that mysterious feeling of the info coming from "nowhere"...very intriguing and energizing somehow.

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