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May 01, 2007


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Sharon Sarmiento

Hey Kristin--thanks for posting this! Although most folks are swamped with work, the hard part is actually figuring out what tasks can be delegated, so this is a great place to start. We can sort of get in the "I've gotta do it all myself" mode just out of habit. Believe me though, when you get the hang of delegating, it's kind of addictive!

One more thing about VAs or any type of online partner who is helping you manage your business--I would say that the key is finding someone who can make a long term impact in your biz, who is a thinker, who will be able over time to actually anticipate your needs, rather than simply finding someone who will do what they're told and check tasks off of a to-do list.

It used to be that no one had heard of virtual assistants, but just within the last month or so I've been seeing some books come out mentioning "outsourcing" work to $5/hr VAs overseas, and I must say that the type of VA that I'm talking about in this post is much higher up on the food chain :-) than the $5/hour VAs I've been seeing some folks talk about lately.

So, the term "virtual assistant" has different meanings for different people. I think the folks who get the greatest benefit from working with a VA are the ones who look at is as a long term partnership rather than an "oursourcing" of tasks. It can be kind of confusing, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post a comment and ask. :-)


Sharon — Excellent points. I like the way you frame a VA as a long-term partner. It sounds like you're describing someone who is a real "right hand" to those who need an extra one.


KG, I'm thoroughly enjoying this excellent series. I really like this idea of a VA...now where can I get one? lol!


Alexandra — Tune in next week to find out how and where you can get your very own VA! ;)(Actually quite affordable, I was happy to learn...)

Maryam in Marrakesh

Oh yes, my dream is to have my own VA! One day, one day...!


Maryam — Perhaps sooner than you think! Be sure to drop by next week...

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