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February 04, 2007


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Paris Parfait

Lovely post! In French "au revoir" means until we meet again and "a bientot," which means see you soon. And I know there's an equivalent phrase in Spanish, but I've forgotten...


Hello Paris Parfait! Thank you for your French additions and good words.

Would anyone like to add the Spanish equivalents?


If it's someone I see on a regular basis, sometimes I don't say anything at all when they leave. I'm strange like that though. I don't like goodbyes either and if the person is a regular in my life, I don't feel the need to say goodbye because I'm going to see them again very soon, and they know this too.

"Have good weekend." or "See you tomorrow." is popular around the office, though I doubt that's terribly unique. What is interesting about these though is the acknowledgement of ritual, which raises an interesting point.

Goodbyes are easier if they signify a ritual like that -- if they highlight the fact that the absence is very temporary and there's no doubt we will all convene in the same place again.

If you have trouble with goodbyes, you might emphasize that next time. "I'll see you soon." or "I'll call you." or "Let's meet sometime soon again."

For some people more than others, goodbyes like these may be comforting.


Eric — Excellent point about the ritual! That's another aspect that makes us human — no matter how untraditional or unconventional we may view ourselves, most of us need to feel some sort of grounding by participating in rituals/traditions.


As I mentioned in my Scribbling on "goodbye," I love that in Italian, you say hello and goodbye the same way (ciao!). Never know if you're coming or going ;) I'm having fun exploring your site, btw :)


Hi sognatrice — I'll definitely check out your "goodbye" post.

So glad you're enjoying my site! I got just a quick peek at yours through the SS posts, but I'll be back for a longer visit soon.

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