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February 24, 2007


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Paris Parfait

Such a lovely post! Teaching a child to appreciate words in any form is a gift. It sounds like a wonderful exchange. And your last paragraph is absolutely right!

GeL(Emerald Eyes)

Smiled all through your terrific post remembering playing with my kids and others (as a Speech-Language Pathologist, now a full-time artist). I still play and laugh.
Vivid writing. I can imagine you two!


You've brought back memories of when mine was little.
What fun we had playing with words!
Have a terrific Sunday.


What a wonderful picture this paints. The way you describe his laughter "He giggled so much he was almost silent" is perfect. What a lovely way to spend a cold afternoon.

Hope the rest of the weekend turned out just as nice :)


loved the last paragraph. Playing with kids is one of the best stress busters.



This validates the importance of 100% interaction with children, Teaching all the right lessons...pure delight.



Colorful Prose

What a sweet moment to be treasured! Thanks for sharing it.


Hello everyone!

Thanks so much for your comments. You've given me new things to think about regarding this kind of wordplay with children.

I've visited you all and commented, also! :)


thanks for visiting & commenting...and that beautiful quilt is the handiwork of someone in Guatemala...need to edit my post to give credit to the talented unknown.


i just stumbled here through sunday scribblings for the first time.

i work with children, so your post makes me giggle and i can picture this moment easily in my mind. ahhhh, the love!


Megan — You're welcome! Interesting info about the quilt, too. It's really beautiful.

Nicole — Appreciation from a professional means a lot. I'll be over to comment on your post in a bit.


What a beautiful and meaningful interaction you have captured in this post and with a topic I found to be one of the more difficult we have had lately


Sundaycynce — Thanks! I enjoyed your story seed so much based on "puzzled" but Blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment for you. :(


I love this take on the prompt...and I can't wait until my daughter is this age. You really hit how fascinating the child's mind can be with this: "What's more interesting: hearing your mother say "rug" or "oomeg-erex-quig-idy-thut-ed"?"

and this: "My sounding them out also confirmed that they were real." arrested me.

I couldn't find my way into this prompt, so I appreciate the fact that you did so well.


Mardougrrl — I went to your blog in hopes of finding your post on this, as I've enjoyed your writing. I'll look for next week's! :)

It's funny. I was going to skip this week entirely, as I found the prompt difficult, too. Then the weather kept us inside, the letters playing happened, and all of the sudden — post idea! A happy accident, I suppose.

Kimberley McGill

I'm new to blogging and to Sunday Scribblings - hope to participate this week. Your post had me smiling all the way through and nodding my head at "nonsense is relative" Its not only true about children. When I write free writes it often initially looks like utter nonsense, but then a line or image gets my attention - I find the beginnings of a poem. Thanks for the great post.


Hi Kimberley — Welcome, and thanks for your comment! Always nice to meet another appreciator of "nonsense". ;)

The prompt is up for this week. I hope to see your first Sunday Scribbling post.

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