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March 10, 2007


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Oh, I was right there wriggling in heat and confusion...your words just spilled over each other in that rhythm.

And Marie Antionette? I think I want another visit into your brain. :)


Wow, that must have been some fever! Nice take on this week's prompt.

susan abraham

Fever dreams always feel like nightmares. :-)
I'm glad you survived your's.
An interesting post.

Bohemian mom

Yes....there is nothing like a fever dream.
Great story!
I remember being very young and sleeping between my parents.....my high fever kept making me think I was levitating up to the ceiling and I had to keep calling them to pull me down.


Those fever induced dreams are usually very sciece-fictiony. Your tale reminded me of this, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately;-)) I no longer am able to recall specfic dreams, only the memory of their bizzaarness. I was never one at an early age to record such things in writing.

Paris Parfait

I've always heard about people with high fever having nightmares, but never experienced it myself. Your fever-pitch dreams sound a bit like science fiction - must be the Star Trek influence or Star Wars?


Oh, I love nothing better than a wonderfully warped and surreal dream/journey whilst my body is held hostage by a raging fever.

Even though your fever journey had obvious elements of menace associated with it, it was a pleasure to read, and very well written.


This is such descriptive writing with such a great flow. I love your take on the Sunday Scribbling. Great characters that your dream pulled in.


dreams can be so eccentric. have you ever tried to analyze that particular dream? it may be enlightening to read into or maybe not...
lovely writing.


Mardougrrl — If I could give tours of my brain, I would!

bonggamom — I don't remember the exact temperature, but it's family legend that it was very high.

susan abraham — I'm glad I survived it, too. I know high fever can also indicate something very serious.

Bohemian mom — The dream you had about levitating is really fascinating! What a strong visual.

rel — Amazing that a lot of these dreams have a science fiction element to them! I wonder what that means.

Paris Parfait — Star Trek and Star Wars influence, both. Close Encounter of the Third Kind just came out around them, too. Interesting time to be a child.

waspgoddess — Thanks for appreciating the warped/surreal aspects of these. As scary as they are, I'm happy I have them.

Tori — My subconscious seems to have a lot of these types of characters stored up. Thanks much!

Nicole — I've never analyzed this one, and I really like your suggestion. Hmmm...


Dreams are fertile ground for stories...I love the lack of cohesion in dreamscapes, where you find you can walk through walls, fly, unaided, and do things that defy the general laws of physics.

Oh, and Marie Antoinette? Maybe you thought you were about to lose your head? lol! Just a thought.


Alexandra — I agree with your reasons for loving dreams! And good take on Marie Antoinette's symbolism — I think you're right on track with that.

Kimberley McGill

"I learned to stare Marie Antoinette down" - Now that's impressive! I'm still trying to do some lucid dreaming to no avail.


Kimberley — Staring Marie Antoinette down meant literally that I stared back at her; I felt no more fear as I observed her, but I never instilled the same fear in her that she had in me. Still, I guess this is a "win": fears usually chase us if we run from them, so facing them takes away a bit of their power.

I lucid dream only when I'm sick, incredibly overtired, or deeply relaxed. I wonder what that says about the body state necessary for this type of dreaming to happen.


It's interesting that you remember your dream so vividly. You must an avid lucid dreamer because it's much harder when your sick or overtired. That's why you're supposed to try Lucid Dreaming in the morning - about an hour before you wake up in the morning. Works much better.



Hi Reawakener — Thanks for your insights! I'll definitely check out the link to your blog post.

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