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March 25, 2007


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Oh, you just made me miss NYC and that time in my life so much! The take out menus as recipes...I DID that! :)

Your writing is always so *grounded*, just the right detail to take me there, and I love the smile that always lurks in your words.

Wonderful post.


What a great piece of nostalgia. It brings back memories of when we lived in Queens (corner of 77th St. & Northern Blvb.), while we were in nursing school. We had a brand new daughter and were dirt poor. We subsisted on the GI Bill payment of $125.00 a month, $100.00 of which went for rent. We ate ragu sauce and shells a good many nights. Either that or peanut butter sandwhichs purloined from the nurses residence.
No, NYC isn't a "kitchen " town, but it does offer a ton of alternatives. ;-)
I love the way you weave your tales.


What a delightful peek into your life at that time. I don't blame you for not cooking, with all the other great alternatives available to you.

This was a wonderful, descriptive post~I enjoyed it!


I too, love reading cookbooks, but very rarely use them. They really appeal to the senses. I love living in a city (albeit much much smaller than NYC) that has wonderful, loved, and well cared for places to eat everywhere.
I love the photo too!


I really enjoyed this piece. I have a fondness for kitchens and cookbooks, too, although I am hardly a cook. I patricularly liked your final paragraphs about the restaurant owners opening up their kitchens to you. Your extended family. I never thought of it that way. Your writing is so clear and descriptive, a fun read!


Mardougrrl — So nice to know that you are a fellow former NYC dweller! :)

rel — YEAH! You're a fellow former NYC dweller, too! And thanks for sharing your so-New York story.

Becca — Yes, those alternatives are way TOO tempting. Glad you enjoyed the tour.

Tori — Good insight why we read cookbooks after all!

jillypoet — It's funny. I never thought of the restaurants as my extended family until I wrote about it! It's amazing what writing can teach us about life. And thanks for dropping by — nice to "meet" you.

Kimberley McGill

Wonderful read - and I'm hungry!!!!

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