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April 06, 2007


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Colorful Prose

Great post. Keep in mind that Internet access is not the only measure of censure. Especially women throughout the world cannot express themselves for other cultural and hierarchical reasons. I think we have even more of a social responsibility to speak out because they can't.


Colorful Prose — Absolutely. I am so glad you brought up that point.


There are so many things I take for granted, and feeling free to express myself is one of them. The other is that although there is still discrimination between the sexes even in a country like England, I am able to live on my own, buy my own house, and I do these things without giving it a second thought.

But as recent as the late 60s women could not buy property in the UK, unless they had a guarantor (even if they had the hard cash to pay for it). And here in Istanbul (where I am on holiday) my partner's 24-year old cousin, is not allowed to leave home and live on her own, despite the fact that her family isn't religious AND the fact that she has a great job as a lawyer.

Thank you for yet another a thought provoking post.


Wow. You really opened my eyes to something that had never crossed my mind.
Thank you for that.


Kristin, I've tagged you for the Thinking Blogger award/meme.


Colorful Prose makes such a pertinent point there. I recently read Princess, supposedly a real-life account of behind-the-veil life of a Saudi Arabian princess. Even if 10% of what the books says is true, I feel eternally blessed to be living in a land that allows me to think and express freely. As an individual and as a woman.

Thanks for bringing this up, KG.

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