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April 10, 2007


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Hello.. I'll have to try some of these out..lately spending too much time getting distracted so maybe some very strict "timeboxing" is needed. As for the desk from last week- looks just like mine!

Sharon Sarmiento

Yes, the timeboxing definitely helps! It's about tricking out minds into not wandering all over the place and dilly dallying, and the timeboxing seems to curtail that tendency. So much of this productivity stuff is psychological.


Hey Sharon!

I've got a two-hour block of time this morning, and I'm using timeboxing to get through it. I already feel more on top of my work...amazing.


I used my own variation of timeboxing to get my first novel written. This was a great reminder of how and why it works, as I plow my way through my second. Thank you, Sharon! (And, KG!)


Timeboxing helps me not only in writing, but in organizing my whole life (read housework). I also enjoy word wars like Andy's. And 43 folders is a golden theory - I've just procrastinated putting it into action! LOL
THx for the useful advice, Sharon and Kristin!


Sharon and Kristin,
I think I finally spelled yor name correctly Kristin! (sorry :( )
Both Procrastination and perfectionism (combined with the ever present fear of failure or embarrasing my self) are at the top of my list of reasons I don't get all the tasks done I'd like to.
Timeboxing looks like a technique that will work for me, now I just need to say....DO IT.

While my desk doesn't look quite like your picture, it comes close. I'm an inveterate user of post-it-note pads and numerous other small writing pads, more for jotting down inspirations and info I want for a project or poem. Usually I toss them after I've consulted them at the time of doing the project, but just as often the become part of the untidy clutter.
Thanks for providing a place where I can come for advice on how to streamline my approach. I will put your ideas to the test.

Sharon Sarmiento

Hey guys,

This is so great! Sounds like many folks sort of intuitively do the timeboxing technique. It's great for working, writing OR doing any sort of chore around the house/yard.

Sometimes I incorporate music by using my iPod as a motivational timer. If I have 10 min or 15 min, I set the iPod to automatically turn off at the end of that time. It's like playing musical chairs--you want to get as much done as you can before the music stops. (I use this more with cleaning and yard work than with writing.)

If anyone wants to use their iPod as a motivational timer, here's the HowTo:


Christine (chicken-scratch)

Will have to try some of these techniques. Thanks for sharing.


Sharon -- Your iPod technique sounds quite fun. Thanks for that!




Christin (chicken-scratch) --

Thanks so much for delurking, and welcome! Hope to see you back here next week (and any time, really).


Sometimes I can't tell the difference between procrastinating/web-surfing and research.

Thanks for the great posts, I will be back!


Stephen — I know of other bloggers who struggle with the same research dilemma. This is a big point...I'm going to refer it to Sharon.

Glad you're finding the info here useful, and welcome!

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