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May 08, 2007


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Sharon — I have a question. How do you best recommend someone find a VA to work with? Are there sites, agencies, or schools that have listings of them?

Sharon Sarmiento

Hi KG--well, I would say that the absolute best way to find a VA would be through personal referral. It might take some asking around, perhaps you know of a friend of a friend who has a VA who could refer someone.

If you don't know of anyone who has a VA already, sometimes I refer folks to AssistU.com's Registry referral (http://www.assistu.com/client/registry.html). They have some of the top VAs in the biz there, and all of them have been through an intensive 6 month training program in addition to having oodles of real world experience.

When you fill out the form saying what you need and want in a VA, the VAs will be sent your details and the ones who think they'd be a good fit for you will respond. You can then set up "get to know ya" phone calls and pic the one you think you have the best chemistry with.

I've heard of some folks finding VAs via Craig's List, but I really cringe at the thought of that! Eeek--if I were looking for a VA I would want one who had had training and who knew something about small business (after all, she should be running her own business). AssistU.com is a great place to start the search. :-)


Great series! Thank you.


Sharon --- Great direction and invaluable advice.

patry --- Thanks for being part of this. :)

Blake Mitchell

There are a lot of virtual assistants on the market selling their expertise. A lot of business owners subscribe to their services since they are inexpensive and very helpful especially to developing enterprises. To get the right VAs, business owners need to determine their business needs and what staffing solution they lack. Some VAs have a specific specializations in certain areas. Pick the one who has knowledge about your business .

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