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May 19, 2007


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You are so right. Masks have been a part of the human complement since we learned to walk upright, and use words. Each of us plays many rolls and wear numerous masks during a given day. Clever delivery. ;-)


roles :-(


I enjoyed reading this :-)

Paris Parfait

Excellent points - but sometimes words unmasked can be the most powerful of all.


Such masks are so firmly fixed that the become our persona. All kinds for mask for all kinds of situations.

Crafty Green Poet

Nice scenarios you've shared here.


rel — Mask wearing does seem inherently human. No worries on rolls/roles --- this stuff makes language fun!

Jemima — Glad you enjoyed it!

Paris Parfait — Absolutely, Tara. "Unmasked words", a.k.a. the truth, is powerful above all and definitely worth speaking! Often, I feel the masks get people into a lot of trouble, though the truth may seem harder to say at first look.

gautami — Good point. I wonder where that point is where masks = identity.

Crafty Green Poet — Many thanks. :)

EVERYONE — I'll be over to visit your posts soon. I had an intensive editing seminar the past few days and I'm jumping in to catching up now. See you soon!


Thanks for this. I hadn't really considered the words aspect of masks.


Patois — I hadn't considered words as masks until I thought about the Sunday Scribblings prompt, and somehow this concept came to mind. As I wrote about it, it somehow rang true.

I love how writing helps me discover things.

I'll be over to visit your blog soon. :)


I've been thinking a lot about how much of ourselves is created by the words we use...but I never really thought about how much those words can be a mask. Fascinating post (and I'm off to read those author interviews!).


Mardougrrl — Now I'm thinking about what you said: "...how much of ourselves is created by the words we use." Profound! I think we're onto discovering something...

I hope you'll find the interview inspiring to you on your writing quest. :)

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