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June 28, 2007


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Paris Parfait

I think videos can be a useful tool in getting kids reared on television and rap video to pay attention to poetry. But really, nothing can replace the written page of poetry; the solitude in reading it (or hearing it) and responding according to your own experiences and attitudes. Billy Collins spoke to the kids at American School of Paris when my daughter was a senior. He didn't have any gimmicky videos and the students were enthralled by his words alone.

Chocolate Chipped

After the advent of MTV I started seeing spoken word performances popping up. It was poetry, not just being read aloud, but really performed. Some poets are good at this and others are not so good. For some they would be better off just sticking to writing on the page. :-)

The same thing goes with poetry video--it's an excellent idea and gives artists, poets and film makers another form of expression. But the video, the vocal performance, and the poem have to be all top notch. If one of those elements falls short, then the other elements suffer also.

I would love to hear some music in the background to go along with the reading of the poetry, and also more drama in the voice or else I think I might fall asleep.

Poems I would love to see videos for:

Anything by Rumi
T.S. Eliot: The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock
Dylan Thomas: Do Not Go Gentle
Lord Byron: Don Juan (this could be a whole movie!)

Crafty Green Poet

I love performance poetry, and enjoy hearing poetry read out loud even if it was originally written for the page - some poets though are uninspiring readers of their own work. As for videos, I remember seeing an excellent video of a poem by Patience Agbabi - it was a work of art in its own right and made the viewer think about the words. I've seen her perform live too and she is excellent. Her poems work well on the page too.


Paris Parfait — It's interesting how enthralled the students were when Billy Collins spoke to them. A poet in person is a very powerful experience.

Chocolate Chipped (Sharon) — I agree. Experiencing poetry as it is read/performed is completely different from just reading it. I hadn't realized that poets don't automatically make great actors, but that makes total sense.

Crafty Green Poet — I'm definitely going to search out that Patience Agbabi poem and video. I'm intrigued.

abhay k

That's a very interesting idea and I would certainly try it for some of my poems!
Thank you!


This makes perfect sense to me. Inspiring too.


abhay k — Glad you're going to try this for some of your poems! Do send a link if you upload a video for them. Thanks for visiting.

gautami — You're inspired, too! Would you consider making a video for some of your poems?


I had no idea KG! I LOVE Billy Collins and I love this wonderful option of looking at poetry. THANK YOU!


Tammy — That's so great! Search for "Billy Collins" on YouTube, and you'll find more of his videos. :)

Robin Mizell

Most of e.e. cummings' poetry should be seen in its printed form, but "who are you, little i" could be lovely if adapted for video.

Did you ever see the eneriwomaninterface when it was online? As I recall, it combined images and text to poetic effect.


Robin — I agree with your opinion on e.e. cummings' poetry. Good point!

I did not see the eneriwomaninterface — I will look for it. Thanks for the tip.

Gavin Heaton

This is a very interesting idea, KG. Think I might give it a go!
Sharon ... have you heard TS Eliot reading The Waste Land? It is etched into my memory. Must see of I can find it!


Gavin — Give it a go! Send us the URL if you upload your own Poetry Videos to YouTube...


I came across this website via Servant of Chaos. Watching the video, I found the pictures distracting. Yet afterwards, I remember the pictures more than the words and I am left with the experience of tiny losses as things fade. Does video enhance poetry or does poetry become something else? How does an interactive computer shift the experience of reading alone under a tree? and does it matter? As Paris Parfait comments, words alone can be magic.


bes — That's such an excellent set of questions. I do agree, words can be magic. Come to think of it, some words stay with me much more than pictures.

I'm going to give your questions some more thought. Perhaps another post will come out of this. Thanks for your visit!

dorne pentes

Hey, guys---check out the website flowerchilddvd.com--it's for a poetry video for kids called 'flower child'.


dorne pentes — Thanks for the kids' poetry DVD tip. I'll definitely check it out!

Gavin Paul Carter

I would like to contribute, and post my poems on your site? May I?


Gavin Paul Carter — Thank you for your interest. This blog is mainly an informational site about writing, technology and media, and I don't feature individual writer's works. There are many writing communities out there, but they tend to link to other writer's own blogs. If you have a blog, you can link to them. Best of luck with your writing!

Gavin Paul Carter

I have posted my Grimnian Channel, it is a mixture of poetry performance, and acting. Do hope you take a look.

Thank you for the advice! Most kind of you to get back to me. As for poetry sharing. I am designing something called the Land of Grimney, it will be a social networking site for creatives, although you can just join and chat. I do hope you will all join, it will be free and for all ages.

All the best to you

Gavin Paul Carter


Gavin Paul Carter — Sounds like you have a lot of projects in the works. Feel free to keep us posted about them!

Gavin Paul Carter

Thank you KG, I mainly write scripts, but hard to get things made. The Land of Grimney should be opening in ten days, just trying to get a female voice over artist at the moment. I hope it works out, it will allow people to social network, but also expand on the foundations of a fantasy world by contributing their own stories, pictures, videos, poetry etc. Whatever they choose. Yes, I will keep you posted, hope you decide to become Grimnians. : )

Paul Bullock

I am interested in submitting my poetry and video. I am the 2005 2006 2007 Global Marijuana Music Award winning poet. I have been performing my poetry to live audiences for over 15 years and would like to expand my audience through the internet. Any help you might offer will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much

Gavi Paul Carter

Hello everyone. Please do take a look at The Land of Grimney website. I would love it if you would all take an interest.

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