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June 16, 2007


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This is the best Sunday Scribblings post yet! Unfortunately, I'm just not cutting it -- I only scored a 3. I'll have to work a lot harder to improve my score!! Again, thanks for your post, I really enjoyed that :)

Drew McLellan

Sadly, I am but a 4. I'll keep working on it though!



bonggamom — Thanks much, and you're welcome! Yes, it's back to the eccentric drawing board for you...

Drew — It's OK. Just buy a few leopards and cheetahs for the home, and you'll be on your way.


I am a solid five. Guess I have my work cut out for me. Do I get any bonus points for mastering interpretive dances to the TV theme songs of Sex and The City, ER and Curb Your Enthusiasm?

I did consider putting a clip of myself doing Kenny Rogers karaoke up on youtube, but my wife threatened to disown me. That should bring me up to a 7, don't you think?


Herb — You bring up many important factors I didn't consider in developing the quiz:
1. effect of eccentricities on family members/loved ones
2. bonus points for clearly eccentric behavior not mentioned in the quiz

While I definitely don't want your wife to disown you, I think that anyone would be proud to be a 7! (If you get that Kenny Rogers karaoke clip on YouTube, do send the URL!)


Merely a five, so I decided to bow ceremoniously to the laptop three times and say "whee!"...does that improve my score? ;)

LOVE this post!


Mardougrrl — A five! You're getting there. Plus, you're being very creative in acquiring bonus points — a clear sign of eccentric behavior.


I scored at 5. Middle of the road...that's me most of the time. I'm no genius, and eccentricity seems to be a common trait of geniuses. Quirky , now that's a different matter! If my middle name wasn't Ed it'd be odd. ;-) I believe rules are made to be followed, except when they get in the way of common sense.


er . . . my score depends upon whether the large wild animals have to be visible to other people or not. It's very hard to find zoning ordinances that allow krakens, you see.

Regina Clare Jane

I am not eccentric enough... yet.
But I am working on it!
Too fun!


If I were to take the quiz -- and I'm not saying I would just if I were -- then I'd only get a 5, which would make me very sad. (Were I to take the quiz.)


rel — A five is quite respectable. Maybe you should get bonus points for quirkiness!

Erin — Excellent point that I hadn't considered. You ABSOLUTELY get points for animals which only you can see.

Regina Clare Jane — That's the spirit! Glad you had fun. :)


Patois — Don't be sad about the 5. I think I may have made the quiz too difficult. Perhaps I should be grading this on a curve...

There's only person who might score above a 5 so far, and it's based on bonus points. (If he does Kenny Rogers karaoke and then posts it to YouTube, he's at a 7.) I'll keep everyone posted!

Chocolate Chipped

I'm a 6, so I'm just barely "solidly strange" :-) I think I'm happy with that score. I might get worried if I made it into the truly bizarre!

Great post KG :-)



Chocolate Chipped (Sharon) — 6 is great! You're the highest so far, too, so congrats.

I now see why you're so interested in those eccentric visionaries, geniuses, and the "bad boys" of figure skating. ;)

Crafty Green Poet

I'm a five and since my rabbit has died and I now have lost my audience for eccentric performances of poetry to for reading out loud in foreign languages, I fear I may have slipped to a 4. And I thought I was eccentric! More to the point, other people think I'm eccentric! Fun quiz!


Crafty Green Poet — I'm so sorry about the loss of your rabbit. Let's keep you at a 5.


Inquiry: What's the diff between being eccentric and weird?


fhayden — Good question. I'll have to give this more thought...will post an answer after I arrive at a good one! Thanks.


fhayden — After giving this some thought, I've figured out a key distinction between "eccentric" and "weird":

1. Weird is often considered random. Because it is random, it is not respected. Chaos and randomness are not respected because the combination appears to have no effort or thought behind it. However, I know many weird and random people who put a TON of thought and energy into the weird and random energy they put out there. I also know many nice, fun, "weird" people who have no idea they are weird or random.

2. The phrase "eccentric genius" is almost something to aspire to. These two words go hand in hand because there's an assumption that eccentric people are intelligent though disorganized (or just organized in their own ways), and are working towards some ground-breaking, humanity-saving life goal that will earn them a Nobel prize or McArthur genius grant.

In summing up:
The "eccentric" are often respected, though others may not understand them because they are so "unique" and "superior" in their intelligence. The eccentric intelligentsia work at respected institutions and/or on their own respected artistic, literary projects. They do their own thing and are often visionary in it.

The "weird" are often the people juggling glass balls in public parks, with a rainbow wig on their head, spouting creative, humorous, yet confusing poetry. Though the jugglers might be inspired, other people don't understand them AND also don't think the weird should be respected.

There is some overlap between the eccentric and weird; I know many intelligent, respected, eccentric people who are also weird and random at times. I think it could be argued that there's a very fine line here.

As for myself, I've definitely been accused of both. I do work on "respected" things; however, I'm also actively working on becoming good at making balloon animals. (Really, it's true.)

Perhaps I should redesign the quiz... ;)

Anjie Cakes

i scored 7... thanks for the tip... next time someone tries to sell me products on the phone i know exactly what to do!


Anjie Cakes — Much congrats on your high score of 7! You're well on your way to artistic fame, fortune, recognition and attention. Get that static voice sound ready — and have fun. :)


Anjie Cakes (again) — If you didn't understand my previous comment, it's not just because I'm eccentric. ;) I've gotten my eccentric responses to telemarketers mixed up. Here's the scoop:

Not only have I tried (but not succeeded) to sell something to telemarketers when then call me, but I have also imitated static when they call. So, they call, and I start making a whooshing, whirring sounds with a few words thrown in every once in awhile.

The last time I did the "static voice" response, I was quite young. But I think it's definitely an indicator of later eccentric behavior, yes? ;)

Let us know which one you try and how it works!

Gail Rhea

1. No, but I have an invisible cat who posts to newsgroups and my real one once spelled "milk" playing Scrabble with me just to prove that she could. (1/2 point)

2. No, but I like to be outside during thunderstorms. (1/2 point)

3. Yes, of course. (1 point)

4. Since there are no subways here, I substituted sunsets. (1 point)

5. No, but I've said that I can't talk because my mother just died - very effective for getting the telemarketer to apologize for calling! (1/2 point)

6. Of course. (1 point)

7. No, but I've danced in the supermarket aisle to the Muzak. (1 point)

8. Children, with a dog as my partner, for a cat. No toy trucks, though. (1 point)

9. Yes. (1 point)

10. Yes, of course! (1 point)

Thanks for the laugh!


Gail — LOL! You've scored quite high. You should be proud of your strong eccentric streak, and welcome to the club! You're in good company. ;)


Ah, only a three but, for my seven children's sake I suppose I'd better stay there. The teens might not like having a "solidly strange," mother though they do seem to like the singing and busting a move in public.

And wait! Now that I think about it, I should get extra points just for having seven children.

Mad As A Hatter

Hehe. I skipped the instructions and everything before the test and when it said 'OR... Did you disregard the quiz instructions entirely and blah blah blah', the first thought that went through my mind was, 'OMFG! Put 'em up boys, we've been caught!'. LOL! Anyways, I scored a 10! Or was that an 11 for not reading the instructions? Or maybe it could have been a 10 1/2? I'll have to ponder that. Well, excellent quiz! I had fun taking it. Well done! ^_^ (claps)


Mad As A Hatter — ROFL! Give yourself an 11, or a 10 1/2, or anything you'd like. Being the true eccentric that you are, you're either going to give yourself your own score anyway or disregard entirely what I'd award — all in the name of true eccentricity, of course. ;-)

So glad you enjoyed the quiz. BTW, you have the all-time high score (so far...). :-)


Erin — Almost a year late, I just noticed your comment! I blame TypePad for their relatively new feature which moved your comment (#26) to a separate page from all the others (the first 25) ... ;-) I'm sorry I did not reply sooner!

Thank you for taking the quiz. You get extra points for finding the time to take it despite the fact that you have SEVEN CHILDREN?!?!? Bravo.

Garbonzo Bean

I actually got an 8. I'm rather impressed! I am an avid walker...even when there's a foot of snow on the ground. I also strike up random conversations with people I happen to walk past. I think you should have added some questions about collections. Such as...lawn gnomes and penguins. Nice quiz. :)(:


Garbonzo Bean — An 8! I believe you're in 2nd place at the moment. A very respectable showing!

Thank you for the excellent suggestion regarding collections question(s) — clearly evidence of a mind familiar with the eccentric ... and possibly also with large groups of lawn gnomes and penguins. ;-)

How does one "collect" penguins, anyway?

Garbonzo Bean

Actually, penguin beanie babies, penguin sculptures, and...little penguin wine, which is simply awful. But yes! One can collect penguin things. Today, I came across something where you can technically adopt a penguin. I was fascinated.


1. No, but I talk to my two cats. (1/2 point)
2. Yes (1 point)
3. Yes (1 point)
4. No
5. No
6. Not really, I eat at my own pace
7. Yes (1 point)
8. No, but I do interpretive dances to songs that are not popular into my mirror (1 point)
9. No, but I'm making an unusual yarn dress (1 point)
10. I post on chat boards, if that counts. (1/2 point)
I'm only about a 5 and would like to improve my score.


i got tennnnnn :DD
yeaaaaaaay O.o

x3 10 10 10...
oh em gee TenTen!!!
-goes to watch yoai (nothing to do with TenTen O-O ) -


noo i mispelled yaoi...



Amy - Scoring a 5 means you're off to a solid start, especially if you'd like to improve you eccentricity. I suggest reading the comments in the thread from high scorers -- you'll find lots of suggestions for inspired eccentric behavior. ;-)

Beck - You got a 10! Congratulations. :-)

closet Eccentricity fan

Last night, I attempted to raise my original score of 5. I tried to do it by slow-dancing with a picture I drew of how I imagined (something crazy and intangible which I won't name here) would look as a person and pretending it was my lover ;)
Great and amusing quiz, by the way!

Anti-Social and proud of it

I love this quiz because it fascinates me so much ;)Maybe I should get bonus points for spending my whole Childhood pretending to be from my own imaginary world that I invented instead of being social ;) Instead of eating slowly, I enjoy experimenting and eating in unusual locations ;)


Hello there, Anti-Social and proud of it-

Thanks for sharing your eccentric experiences. If I had to re-do the quiz, I may provide starting bonus points to those who spent their childhoods living in their own imaginary worlds. You're way ahead of the curve, and in regards to this quiz, such eccentric-foresight should be rewarded. ;-)

Eating in unusual locations -- sounds like the polar opposite of a restaurant goer. More eccentric bonus points for you!


Hello closet Eccentricity fan-

Glad you liked the quiz!

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