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June 08, 2007


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Crafty Green Poet

Fun and interesting post. I love the twitters by the cat!


Crafty Green Poet — Thanks! Sockington is a Twitter genius, IMHO.

Paris Parfait

Interesting perspective; I have avoided Twitter as it seems too time-consuming and I'm always pressed for time. But I can see it has its amusing moments, i.e. the cat's "poems."


Paris Parfait — I think you're right to avoid Twitter. I was constantly Twittering when I first started, until I realized I really didn't have the time either. It was always on my mind --- I'd wonder, "What's everybody doing?!?!?" and then I'd have to go check.

I couldn't keep that pace. I've curtailed it back a lot; I send out a relevant tweet once every 1-3 days. If I go for a few more days without, it's fine. I use it now mainly for announcing something interesting and then include the URL for people to click on.

I've seen that it's good for long lay-overs in airports. People really go tweet-crazy then. ;)


Very informative and interesting. I never heard of twitters. Thanks!


gautami — You're welcome! Though a slight warning: it's very addictive (and often fun).


I'm not sure what it is... as much as I love structure I've never been able to get into poetry much.

I think it may have to do with the obsession of structure/form over the function of communication or telling a story in a lot of cases.

Then again it could just be that I see poetry as being too similar to song lyrics, without the music.

Something is missing for me, and I just don't get it. Anyone care to enlighten on what they get out of poems? Not just creating (because creating is always fun) - but what is the end product, and what makes it good? (Not just the cleverness with which it was constructed... I'm talking casual reader benefit -- entertainment.)

Kristin Gorski (KG)

Eric — I'm taking your question and opening it up this Thursday to see if anyone participating in Poetry Thursday will share why they like poetry.

In the meantime, check out the site: http://www.poetrythursday.org

Sharon Sarmiento

I actually think that Twitter can be an art form, and I love to see the fragmented 140 character pieces of thoughts that float across my Twitter stream.

A friend of mine also described Twitter as an e-hug :-). It's sort of like if you're in one room of your house and you can hear people talking in the other room. Kind of comforting, especially for us folks who are web workers and work from home.

I don't find that it takes up a bunch of time at all, although it's now part of my daily online life. It's excellent for keeping in touch with folks you wouldn't normally be exchanging constant emails or IMs with.

For those who are cautious of Twitter cuz of the addiction factor, rest assured that it passes. :-)

I have been meaning to spend some time on the Twitter Poetry, and you've just given me the inspiration to do it, KG!


Sharon — You've got me thinking some new things about Twitter. Post forming now...

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