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July 08, 2007


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That was a great use of classic form in the modern context. Very well done.

PS: As you are aware, I am sucker for sonnets!


I linked your blog to mine.

Rob Kistner

Fun piece Kristin! I am not fan of traditional form, but this worked for me... well done!


Until this year I thought only poetry of form was true poetry. This is a sonnet extrodinaire, not only for form but content as well. Was this shyster's name Elm? ;-)

Writer Bug

Nice post! I was immediately able to see that slippery character!


gautami — Glad you liked it. Yes, I know of your love of sonnets, and you're well-versed in writing them, too. Thanks for the link — I've added you, as well. :)

Rob Kistner — Thanks! I'm not huge on form either, but I love haiku and sonnets. They crystallize my thoughts in just the right way...

rel — This character was so memorable, I do remember his last name. It wasn't Elm, but that would be TOO funny if it were.

Hi Writer Bug — Now that you've "seen" him, I recommend you stay away. ;) Thanks for your visit.

EVERYONE — I'll be over to visit your blogs later today.


Wow, quite the character. Such vivid detail and beautifully told. I am picturing Nick Tortelli from Cheers. How much chest hair did he have showing behind his gold chains?


Herb — I love Cheers! Talk about great characters.

No, I saw neither chest hair nor chains. He was dressed in a subtle and casual way, and presented himself very nicely at the start. This made him all the more slippery, of course...


What a great sonnet. I love the modern feel with such an "old" form. And it is such a fun story you tell.


Fantastic sonnet KG! I have been scared away from trying but you made it seem effortless. You have inspired me to try. Thanks!


Patois — Thanks! Glad the most-modern story worked in this form. Makes me wonder if unethical real estate brokers existed during Shakespeare's time. ;)

Tammy — Yes, try a sonnet — see what you get! I'd love to read it if you feel that's OK. :)

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