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September 28, 2007


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I think about that all of the time, the so-called 'butterfly' effect...the idea of my actions having such far reaching effects makes me a little dizzy, to be honest. But inspired too. Beautiful post!


Thanks for this interesting and informative post. I am going to look out for more info!

Karen Travels

Great post - little things can be very powerful, can't they? Thanks for the Monarch website - I want to show my students!


what a lovely view of the inner workings of the powerful fore thought of mother nature... excellent post....


I so enjoyed this post...glad to have found your blog!

Crafty Green Poet

The migration of the monarchs has always astounded me, a truly powerful natural phenomenon.


I have seen the monarchs by the thousands in Santa Cruz CA they are amazing.
I loved your post, and the facts of monarch life!

Paris Parfait

I used to live in Pacific Grove, CA where the monarchs came calling every year. Truly a beautiful sight. Lovely post.


Fascinating post. You've made me look at butterflies in a new light.


Are you a monarch?



That is so fascinating. I never knew they flew that far. They are so little! The cuties!

I love demm.

Nice post.


Beautiful post! Fascinating and informative - the butterfly effect is in full view here!

Sharon Sarmiento

Wow, great post, KG. That's fascinating. Animals (and human beings) are amazing in their resiliency, and I really do believe that we're capable of doing things as astonishing as these Monarchs do, defying what anyone thinks is possible.

I'm in the South, so I wonder if I'll be seeing your monarch soon! Maybe it'll take shelter in my yard over the winter and then come back to see you!

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