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September 05, 2007


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All I ever do these days is struggle with scenes, so most of my notes lately have been about ideas for how scenes can progress, and notes on important things to emphasize.


I try to seperate my notebooks. A note notebook, a to do note book, a thoughts note book, but they all get jumbled and I am just glad to have the pen and paper.

Verna Wilder

Blog notes; book titles; descriptions of people I observe; scraps of conversation I overhear; something a friend said that I don't want to forget. I carry a small Moleskine in my purse and a larger one in the car. I also makes notes on 3x5 cards that are scattered around the house, but I can never find the one I want when I want it. Is this note-taking an illness?!


Eric — Can't wait to read some of these scenes taking shape...from your blog posts, it sounds like you're working on some really interesting stuff!

Tori — I tried the same multiple-notebook approach, also with little success. How has your summer been?

Verna — I don't think the note-taking is an illness, though I understand your feeling of overwhelm. I feel more organized when I keep things in one notebook -- less things to lose! (Seriously.)

I used to have post-it notes all over my monitor as reminders, which worked great, until one fell off...bye-bye, Great Idea! Notebooks don't blow away as easily. ;)


It's been so long, good to see you're still here.

I have just started a yoga notebook. For the last four weeks or so I've been doing yoga almost every day and I was noticing these subtle little changes in my body, in my mental awareness and I wanted to remember them, be able to look back.

My partner and I also have klog (notebook log) where we write little messages to each other (but never "will you pick up some milk on your way home from work" stuff).

And then there is the ideas notebook... random thoughts and ideas must be captured, so that notebook is always with me.


I don't use one often, but during trips I do. I try to jot down observations, snatches of conversations, and emotions that come up with each new experience.

Dropping by after a while to say hello. :-)


I have too many notebooks right now - a morning pages notebook, a novel notes notebook, a blog/poetry/favorite words and conversations notebook, and my trusty to do list notebook. I wish there were a more portable way to combine all these into one, but it would be too huge :)


Waspgoddess -- Nice to see you back! You and your partner's klog sounds interesting. I really like your emphasis on writing things down to capture feelings, thoughts, emotions, process. :)

Bhaswati -- Hello! The trip journal is so luscious. I love looking back at my travel journals -- they are the best memory catchers. I'll be by your blog soon. :)

Becca -- If you want to convert your multiple notebooks into one, Sharon Sarmiento has some excellent tips. Go to www.esoupblog.com to check them out -- she's an organization guru and a whiz with notebook streamlining.


You know, I really need to get a notebook. I take that back - I need to figure out what to do with all my old, half-filled, and forgotten notebooks. I know there are still some good ideas in there (for poems, mostly), and the original, hand-written outline of the memoir I've been "working on" since 2004.

Ah, just another reminder that I'm still a while from being as organized as I try to be, haha.

Sharon Sarmiento

Ooo, good question KG.

I use my notebook as sort of a security blanket--I put everything in my head in the notebook.

Blog post ideas, grocery lists, to-do lists, ideas galore (!) thoughts that make me go "hmmm", personal revelations, daily workout reports and eating plans, and basically anything I want to get out of my head and safely onto a piece of paper.


alicia — I wonder what it is about those partially written-in notebooks...is it part of being an artist/writer? I know LOTS of folks with those.

Sharon — "...basically anything I want to get out of my head and safely onto a piece of paper." There really is a magic to writing it down, isn't there? Something about capturing it safely onto paper that makes it more real.

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