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October 25, 2007


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I agree about varying your sentence length. And reading what you've written out aloud immediately shows us where more revision is necessary. If all sentences were short, as Godin advises, it would make for stilted reading. But, when you contrast a long sentence with a short one you can hear the rhythm. It sounds more natural.

I used to be in an theatrical improv group and we played a game of translation. It went like this. One person would be interviewed and respond in gibberish. There would be the translator who would, not surprisingly, translate this into English. So what made this fun was long gibberish responses were translated into single English words, and vice-versa, one-word gibberish responses resulted in a long-winded translation.


Christopher — Yes, finding that natural rhythm of language is a great tip. It's amazing how the ear catches what the eye often misses.

That translation game sounds challenging and hilarious! I would have loved to have seen a few rounds of that. Sounds like great fun.

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