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April 22, 2008


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Devon Ellington

I was so angry yesterday -- a woman driving an SUV with two little kids in the car was texting while driving and swerving over the yellow line. People like her should have their licenses revoked -- or have to pass an IQ test before being allowed to procreate.

She put everyone in danger, but especially those two toddlers.


Devon — It is so odd that people really don't realize the risk here. I've seen people putting on mascara while driving, too. Last year, I read about 5 teen-agers who were killed in a car crash because the driver was texting while driving...and wasn't paying attention at all. Just so tragic!

Sharon Sarmiento

Awww, thank you KG! You're so sweet :)

And a sidenote to the conversation going on here--my all time worst pet peeve is talking on a cell phone while driving! It irks me every time.


Sharon — You're welcome! :)

I'm with you on the cell phoning-while-driving phenomenon — it's just so dangerous. What are people thinking?!?!?

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