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April 18, 2008


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Johnny B.

Reminds me a lot of 1984.. 'Oldspeak' ..

On cell phones, it's one thing - "c u" conveys the point correctly - but unless I'm really in an enormous hurry (and even then) I would hesitate a lot before writing something in ebonics.

Fortunately, I don't see language becoming completely undermined. Most people leaving comments -- well, many of them -- still have an appreciation for the written word.

TTYL. jfb.

Johnny B.

PS. I meant 'Newspeak', not 'Oldspeak' .. I also meant to comment that hesitating to write in SMS ruins the whole point of one's doing so-- but apparently I was in too much of a hurry to finish the thought.

As life speeds up, perhaps our words will remain more or less intact, but our thoughts themselves will become incoherent.

j f b.


Johnny B. — I agree; we'll still largely find that "appreciation for the written word" online. If people didn't love to write, none of us would be here and email, blogging, etc. wouldn't be as popular/necessary as it is! People need to communicate and express themselves.

Newspeak! 1984 continues to be relevant. And speed does make thought incoherent. It's important we find slow-down time amidst the speediness so we can remember how to think!

Nice to make your acquaintance online, and many thanks for your comments!

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