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May 29, 2008


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Johnny Bliss

Although I have a Twitter account, I must admit the lack of any one of my close friends using it, has led to me bitterly neglecting it.

That said, I have had a similar experience with writing mobile SMS. Although you *can* send it in two, even three parts, that costs more money, doesn't it, and who wants that?

Maybe you should impose a character limit on your blog comments. ;-)
-der Johnny


Johnny — Good point re: SMS. Brevity is also cost-efficient!

But I'll NEVER impose limits on my blog comments. This is where blogging and Twittering are completely different. Not everything could or should be a microblogging platform. Blogs encourage a different kind of conversation, which is important in that people do need a venue to write and say more. It's a vastly different conversation.

I know you were just kidding. ;)

Shashi Bellamkonda


One concern I have with the new online tools are that making spelling mistakes may become widely accepted. I am already tempted sometimes to shorten words to make the message fit on Twitter. Already with web 2.0 companies having names with missing letters ex. Flickr . Already SMS has its own code language among kids -



I'm going to check out Craig's tweets now. Interesting take on twitter...

Jennifer Goodwin - CEO http://www.internetGIRLfriday.com

"We are a group of virtual assistants (people working from home offices) that will do your work (administrative, bookkeeping, personal) so you can have your free time back to do whatever you want with it."


Shashi — Absolutely. I know teachers who have seen the SMS code cross over into school papers. This will continue to be an issue!

In the case of a company like Flickr, I always wonder if there is a discussion when choosing names around the effect it has on learning and language. Though I love Krispy Kreme donuts, it has always bugged me that they chose "K" over the correct "C" in creating the name. As someone with a foot deep in marketing, I understand why they did it. However, my grammarian side continually cringes.

Thanks again for tweeting about Craig!


Jennifer — Definitely take a look at Craig's blog. He's got a lot of original, right-on insights about Web 2.0.

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