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May 12, 2008


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Is this a sentence?
One mile to Starbucks,then home.

Cathryn Hrudicka, Chief Imagination Officer, Creative Sage™

Foot floor clothing coffee hallway laptop

(That's my commute in 6 words, down the hall, save gas and the environment!) ;-)

Steve Woodruff

Was an hour. Now ten feet.


Lily — What a nice commute you have! And you raise a good point: these six-word stories don't have to be complete sentences. In fact, most I've read aren't.

Cathryn — You've got an amazing commute, too. Good point about saving gas and lowering pollution.

Steve — Alright, you win for shortest commute so far. :)

** Interesting ... no mass transit commuters have chimed in. Do so many people now work from home, or are the mass transit riders still working on their stories?

Ann Handley

Sometimes LA. Sometimes Boston. That's it.


Ann — Now that's a commute! And I bet you have some interesting commuting stories that could never fit in only six words. Maybe you'll share some on your blog one day... :)


Public transportation isn't available from my home to my job; I'd gladly take it if it was. I can still afford to drive to "the salt mine"...so far. My non-straphanger contributions?

"Twenty years? Twenty minutes? I forget."

"Could canoe to work. Or not." And its companion piece, "Going home all upstream. Bad idea."

"Jerk on bumper. Flash brakes? Ahhh." And its companion piece, "Must drive faster! Brake lights? AHHH!"



JohnH60 — LOL! Wow, you're on a roll here. Thanks so much for submitting these! I'll update my post and add them.

I'm sure many will enjoy reading your takes on commuting. (P.S. If you have a blog to link to, email me and I'll add it.)

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