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June 11, 2008


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I'm a fountain pen fan, though I'm wary about bringing them to my office since my co-workers are clueless about what to do with a nib. (And we won't discuss how one of them ruined my beloved 18-year old Lamy Safari, okay?) I have miserable handwriting and am not consistent with the angle at which I hold my pen, which makes writing with a roller ball or a gel pen a tedious, frustrating chore, so I either use ballpoints or fountain pens. And, my favorite fountain pen (other than my dearly-departed Lamy)? The Pelikan I have at home--I love that little bit of "spring" to its nib.


--Deb — Thanks so much for your lively comment! It feels like the beginning of a longer essay on your writing needs/style — there seems to be a lot of life behind your Lamy Safari and Pelikan stories. (So, if you do write anything extended about your fountain pen experiences, drop back by and let us know!)

Gail Rhea

Yes, Deb, I'm interested in reading more, also, because rollerballs and gel pens are basically ballpoint pens except rollerballs use liquid ink similar to fountain pens (and there are pens called ink rollers that do use fountain pen ink) and gel pens use gel ink whereas typical ballpoint pens use a different type of ink made just for ballpoint pens.

Gail Rhea

I'm into fountain pens, but sometimes that's not the best type of pen to use. In those cases, the pen I'm most likely to turn to is one that uses a Fisher Space pen refill. In addition to the Fisher Space pens, the refills fit Sensas, and with an included adapter, Parkers or pens that use a Parker-style refill. Fisher also makes refills to fit other pens such as Cross. What's so great about these pressurized refills is that they write when others don't - in the cold, vertically or upside-down, on paper that's not pen-friendly, etc. I keep one in the car for impromptu notes, one in my Day-Timer, and one that alternates with my fountain pen in my bag.


Gail — Thanks so much for this additional information! There is certainly a passion for pens in Blogville.


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