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July 10, 2008


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Melissa Marsh

Awesome video! I hadn't seen it before.


Melissa — So glad you liked it! But are you inspired to dance ... and write?


This is very interesting!
I for one am inspired to dance. I have often thought of dancing more, now I have an excuse! Also I must admit I'm almost anxious to find out how it will enhance my writing.
I just came upon this video sometime in the last two weeks. I found I became inspired by it as I continued to watch it, but I should also say I wasn't at first. With that said, I encourage everyone to watch it until the end.


Hi Kristin,
This is a really interesting post. I'm a shy girl who likes to dance but only in the shelter of her closed abode.....but dancing regularly after reading this post might build confidence and also help me improve the spark in me...Thanks :)


lily — Yes, use this as an excuse to dance more. It seems it can only benefit us, and it is so much fun!

meghnak — You're welcome. If this post give you license to dance more, take it and boogie! Some of the best only-at-home dancers are excellent on a public dance floor: they've had more time to practice without being swayed by other dancers/dance trends, AND they have the most original dance moves.

I like to think of dancing as an expression of self, of originality, so there is really no way to go wrong here. Just keep on dancing and enjoying it!

Linda Sherman

Indeed inspiring. Dance is great. Movement is essential. Especially for those of us on-line as much as we are. Wish you would be joining me for a dance at BlogHer.


Linda — Yes, we online people need to stop sitting so much and keep moving! Good reminder. Have a wonderful time at BlogHer. :)


This is a wonderful post! I hadn't seen the video before and did find it very inspiring. I have always loved both to write and to dance - I'm currently taking 3-4 classes a week at the Downtown Dance Collective (www.ddcmontana.com), a new studio here. I haven't had much time to write lately, so I couldn't tell you if it's improved my writing, but it has certainly made me a happier person. I think dance can be very important in making a whole person, because it is such a wonderful outlet for self-expression involving your whole body. It's great to dance by yourself and also to share with others, becoming part of something bigger!


Leslie — When I read your comment, I was really hit with how powerful blogging is to spread information, inspire and start conversations. Thanks so much for writing about the DDC — I love hearing about community-based dance places like that.

Let us know if you notice your dancing improving your writing, and keep on dancing! :)

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