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July 08, 2008


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Other than mine (which you may know about already?) I just found Writing Roads the other day:

Dawn Goldberg

Well, at the risk of shamelessly plugging my own stuff, I like my blog: Write Well Me (www.WriteWellMe.com). Words are crucial to my life, and I love to examine them as well as use them to explain my life.

Other ones I like (besides yours!):

http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/ (not for the faint of heart)



So happy, I stumbled across your blog today.
I am a new writer, well actually old writer just coming out of the closet. I am on a year long journey back to my creative self. I sent you an email today about this very subject.

Brendan Cody

Hi Kristin,

My own blog has some writer's musings on it, and links to other writing resources you may find useful.



I am a writer/artist who just started a blog
My writing is mostly humorous, hopefully inspirational. Writing has helped me deal with chronic illness and pain. If you visit my blog you will see some of the six word memoirs I came up with in my writing group after our writing teacher read some examples from Smith Magazine.

I'm new to blogging and I'm just trying to make some connections.



-- Deb — Thanks for the direction to yours and to Writing Roads!


Dawn — That is a fantastic list! And I really enjoy your blog, too. I will list it with the other inspiring sites out there.

Mya — Thank you for your email! Congratulations on starting the journey in search of your creative self. Welcome to my blog, and I'll be able to reply to your email later today.

Brendan — Great! I'll take a look at your blog. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

sarah — Welcome to the world of blogging! There is a rich writer/creative community online. Thanks for reaching out, and we will see you around in Blogville.

Valeria Maltoni

You should check out Mark David Gerson:



Valeria — Thank you for this! I'll drop by Mark's blog soon.


I started http://lilyhydrangeasanonymousblog.blogspot.com/ last Fall and also this spring I began http://longislanddailyphoto.blogspot.com/
As an artist and "new" writer both blogs have been a great creative outlet for me. They have also helped me find yours which I enjoy very much.

Melissa Marsh

I really like Jurgen Wolff's blog:


Always has great posts!

Arnold Layne

I take one photo every day I can. Pretty simple, but I do my best. It's: http://butterflyeffectanonymous.blogspot.com/


Okay, as long as I'm not the first, I'll plug my own blog http://aninteriorlife.blogspot.com, and one of my favourite creative blogs: Elsa Mora at http://elsita.typepad.com/elsita/


Lily — I didn't know about your other blog! Thanks for listing it, too.

Melissa — Fantastic! I did not know about Wolff's blog. I very much look forward to checking it out, and thank you.

Arnold — I'll definitely list and take a look at your photo blog. It sounds like a very interesting concept behind it!

Robyn — I am so pleased that so many commentors are listing their own blogs: now I know about them, and now I can introduce you all to each other and create an even bigger, wider, more supportive writing and creative online community! Thanks for the other link, too.

Simon J. James

Well, I'm a creative writer looking to get into media, I'm sure some of my stuff my offer inspiration also.

Does this count?

Simon J. James


Simon — Yes, this counts! Thanks for bringing your blog to our attention.


I just recently found your site, and am going to take the opportunity to plug my own blog as well - www.writebrainit.com


Bill — Glad you found my site, and thanks for introducing your blog to us! I'll list it with the rest.


You're amazing! Such a gadfly, you touch a gazillion bloggers I think, and still, I see now, that it's the very tip of Everest. Golly, there are so many bloggers and so many writers..... Anyway, thanks for doing the leg work (ok, finger work), and for sharing.



Thank you for dropping by! A comment from you always makes my day, my friend. :)

This list will be up soon in a post. It has so inspired me that it has also generated a ton of other post ideas. It is a great community out there...


Hi! I'd love to add my blog to your list.

Glad I found this one, really loving your stuff here. Look forward to reading more!


RGP — Glad you're enjoying my blog. I've added your blog to the list!


So many fab links to follow! This is truly a writerly treasure trove.

I harp on about writing but am woefully less creative than most of these here. There again, us English are always moaning. Hey ho.


Jen — I hope you're enjoying your visits to these wonderful and varied creativity-focused blogs. Thanks for your visit and comment here. :)

Stephanie (Biffybeans)

I finally put all of my reviews & ramblings in one place - if you'd like to check it out: http://biffybeans.blogspot.com


Hello Stephanie (Biffybeans) -- Thanks for your submission, and I'm adding you to the list.

Jada Bradley


I'd like to submit my own blog In Other Words (http://inotherwordz.blogspot.com) for consideration. Today's post (9/11/08) is about Junot Diaz, a great writer.

I love the posts about bookshelves! Some of those designs are amazingly creative. I'm glad people are thinking of ways to keep book lovers from being buried by their books.


Hello Stephanie (Biffybeans) — Thanks for the tip about your blog, and I've added you to the growing list.

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