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September 18, 2008


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LOL, that's really funny. Thanks for posting this.

Writer Dad

! They forgot peeve


I love the sign, but can see one problem with it.

The stupid people who do bother the animals must first know how to read!

-Sara, World Zoo Today


Bhaswati — So glad you enjoyed it. I hope your writing endeavors are going well!

Writer Dad — ! (hee hee) Now you made me LOL. Let's contact the zoo keepers — I think they'll be all too happy to add "peeve" to their list. Makes for a bigger sign, too. ;)

Sara, World Zoo Today — Ah, yes — you bring up an important issue. Do you know of any zoo signs with an audio component? Press a button, and a voice reads it out for you. (This would be just one small step away from signs that would eject people from the zoo if they did bother the animals...)


The funniest zoo sign I ever saw was at the San Diego Zoo -- years ago, I don't know if it is still in place.

Part of the ivy covering the back fence had been cleared away, through which we could see the fields and buildings of a nearby high school. The zoo had placed a sign by the gap reading "Primate Learning Center."

Hi Kooky

Love it! No room for loopholes!


Stace — ROFL! Hilarious and true.

Hi Kooky — Good point! Maybe including all these synonyms was suggested by the zoo's legal department.

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