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February 05, 2009


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Kaizar (Associate Editor of NewsTrust)

Kristin, this is a great way to think about the value of a News Hunt. I wonder what kinds of tools can we use to better organize and present the information one has gathered over the course of a News Hunt?

Dale (co-host, NewsTrust news hunt on Education)


From one news hound to another, thank you for blogging about our work on NewsTrust. I can absolutely attest to the educational benefits of participating in the news hunt process.

I noticed today, for instance, that there is a common theme among many of the stories out there on the topic of education. Due to budget shortfalls caused by the recession, schools in most states are looking at cutting vital services or pay to staff. Since education is for the most part a state and local function in the US, the seemingly universal nature of this problem on a national level hasn't been addressed very well by the national press it seems.

Similarly, threads of commonality run through stories this week coming from China, the UK and the US where college graduates are all finding a woeful job markets and adjusting their expectations accordingly. Again, this observation hasn't been handed to me by any reporter or blogger but has come from the news hunt experience.

It is so easy to fall into the pattern of seeing problems we face on a micro level and to miss the overarching story. Any blogger or reporter with an interest in improving their chances of catching hold of a story from a new point of view could benefit greatly from the news hunt experience. As you so succinctly put it, any citizen who is an active participant in a news hunt will benefit by "adding another dimension to their own understanding..."


Kaizar -- Thank you! I'm going to do some brainstorming on your thought-provoking question. More soon.


Dale -- It's been energizing and inspiring to co-host this news hunt with you. Thank you for that.

Your last paragraph has got me thinking about ways to present the news hunt experience to reporters and bloggers, as a way of benefiting their writing, knowledge, and skills.

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